We are a forward thinking, experienced team of innovators.
We believe in being the best in what we do.




We Make Budgets Go Further

Our vast experience in both media and production fields means that we are in regular contact with the most influencial people in the sales world and as a result are able to secure the best deals for our clients. Therefore our clients get more exposure for their money and if ever a sales house has a last minute cheap deal on offer, we will be offered it first.

We Believe In Being The Best

Nobody ever wins anything for being second. We like to win, we want to be the best. Equally we want our clients to be the best. A successful client is a good client for Blue Tiger and reflects well on us.

The Very Best Advice & Service

It is very important for our campaigns to achieve and succeed and part of this process is ensuring that our clients receive the best advice and total service from Blue Tiger. There is no point buying the very best media if the creative does not work or creating a stunning campaign if the media is wrong. Blue Tiger will not let this happen and are not afraid to highlight a problem be it internal at Blue Tiger or with an external agency who we are working alongside.

Experience Across All Sectors

All Blue Tiger staff are highly trained and most of us have been in the marketing business for several years and our experience ranges across many markets. Currently we are the number one company in the shopping centre and property marketplace with over 120 assets who we advise. Additionally our strength in the retail market is enhanced by a number of top fashion retail clients plus jewellery, electronics, education, steel and wood manufacturing. We know our market and can add our strength to your market. For new clients our first job is to run a free of charge marketing audit of your business that would assess where you are in your marketplace and where you could be.

Delivering Measurable Results

Blue Tiger set client approved KPIs and deliver highly quantifiable campaigns to ensure a significant ROI is achieved. Full campaign audits and evaluations are undertaken pre and post activity to demonstrate campaign effectiveness, which can then be used to form the basis of future activity.