Social 360

Our ‘Social 360’ offering ensures the creative executions match the media strategy and buying methods, giving clients a one stop solution to deliver against their objectives.

Essentially it allows us to create the formats and messaging which we feel will work best to deliver the campaign, it also allows us to add the ‘creative strategy’ element to the ‘media strategy’ and give us control of the comms overall.

For instance, we may feel we need a video (slide show) and a carousel, with certain messages more key than others.

We can then A/B test and tweak as needed to give us more control over the campaign performance in real time.

Digital 360

We can work with the creative agency to repurpose existing assets into display/mobile formats.

Dynamic Display Creative

Allows for multiple creative without the associated costs for producing multiple variation.
Pull in dynamic variables such as location info, prices etc. in real time.
Can be used when targeting different audiences, ads for different time of day/day of week/ geo etc.